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I have over ten years’ experience as a journalist. I write two regular columns for the award-winning website BBC Earth and my zoology blog Animal Magic is hosted by The Guardian.



I am the author of three popular science books. I am currently working on a book on sleep and sleep disorders to be published by Profile Books in 2017.


I am the editor of the Galapagos Conservation Trust's members’ magazine Galapagos Matters. I was also the editor of the history of science journal Endeavour for almost a decade.


I have written and presented for BBC Radio 4 and make regular appearances on radio and television in my role as “panda expert”.


I have been invited to speak at dozens of literary festivals. I also have a range of talks designed for KS1, 2 and 3.


I am a narcoleptic and have been for half my life. I am currently writing a book about this debilitating but fascinating sleep disorder.


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